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Elbow pain can be so frustrating, especially when it suddenly appears with no real cause. As your elbow aches it can really limit your movement and cause discomfort in your day to day activities or when you’re exercising.

Whether you’re experiencing:

Pain in your elbow when at the gym or playing sport

Pain or clicking any time you move or bend your elbow

Pain going from the elbow down into your forearm

Our effective elbow massage therapists can help.

Our fully qualified remedial, deep tissue and sports massage therapists can help find the underlying issue causing your elbow pain so they can have you feeling your best as quickly as possible.

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If you’re struggling with muscle pain and tightness but you’re not sure who to see or what you can do our fully qualified remedial massage therapists can help.

Book in for a free 15 min phone consult where we can chat with you to fully understand your problem. If its something we can help with, we’ll let you know. If not we’ll try and point you in the right direction!

Sydney Massage Services That can Help Your Elbow Pain

How we stop the common symptoms of Elbow Pain

If you’re feeling any of these common elbow symptoms, our specialised elbow massage treatment can help.

Our treatment focuses on finding the underlying cause of your elbow pain by assessing and diagnosing the issue. Your elbow pain can be treated using light and deep pressure on the muscles surrounding the elbows, stretches of the muscles that are tight and gentle movement of the elbow joint to increase mobility.

Elbow pain can also affect your shoulder and wrist as you compensate to try and protect the area. Based on the underlying issue causing your pain we make sure to also target these

Symptoms of Elbow pain

Pain on the outside of the elbow
Pain on the inside of the elbow
Pain when bending or moving
Clicking in the elbow joint
Pain running down the forearm
Pins and needles going into the fingers