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Stop your back and hip pain with a therapeutic Sydney pregnancy massage

During your pregnancy, you have enough to worry about without needing to deal with the back and hip pain that can come with carrying a baby for 9 months. As your body starts to change as your baby is growing, it can have a significant effect on the muscles, joints and ligaments of your neck, upper/lower back and hips leading to pain and tension.

Our specialised pregnancy massage in Sydney is designed to firstly understand which muscles and joints are changing in your body through an in depth assessment and examination. This will help us identify the overactive muscles, the weak muscles and diagnose exactly how we can safely and effectively get you out of pain quickly.

Pregnancy massage will include light and deep pressure massage depending on the pain your experiencing and what you’re comfortable with. Treatment will also include gentle muscle releases and stretches to reduce inflammation and get you feeling better quickly.

Stop Your Pain

Get rid of the tension that builds up with pregnancy with a safe therapeutic massage

Natural Treatment

Since you can’t take pain medication remedial pregnancy massage can help your body reduce inflammation and swelling

Feel Relaxed and Free

Get back to preparing for your newborn without struggling with stiffness and discomfort in the process.

Our 4 Step Process To Giving You Pain Relief Through Pregnancy Massage in Sydney CBD

History Taking

We’ll ask specific questions and get really detailed to understand how your body is changing due to the pregnancy


We’ll perform different movement tests of the muscle and joints to see exactly which areas are causing your pain


Based on your history and examination we’ll be able to diagnose the exact cause of the issue and not just massage muscles for the sake of it


From your diagnosis we will create a treatment program for you that involves light and deep massage, muscle releases and gentle stretches to stop your pain, reduce any inflammation and get you feeling better.

What to expect in Pregnancy massage vs

Pregnancy massage Sydney

Pregnancy massage takes into account how your body is changing as your baby grows.

Since the ligaments in your spine stretch and certain muscles become tight while others weaken your pregnancy massage therapist will identify these changes to give you relief.

Pressure applied during the massage can very from gentle to deep depending on your comfort level and the muscles that need to be released.

You should leave feeling relaxed and loose meaning the tightness in the muscles has reduced.


Not Sure if massage can help? Book A Free 15 min Phone Consult!

If you’re struggling with muscle pain and tightness but you’re not sure who to see or what you can do our fully qualified remedial massage therapists can help.

Book in for a free 15 min phone consult where we can chat with you to fully understand your problem. If its something we can help with, we’ll let you know. If not we’ll try and point you in the right direction!


Our remedial massage therapists are fully qualified to assess and examine your condition so that they can create a treatment plan specific to your problem.

The most effective massage for you is based on the problem you have. Remedial massage is most effective as it is targeted at a specific problem area. Your issue will be examined and tested so that the massage, muscle releases and pressure applied are designed to give you the quickest and most effective relief. This type of massage also helps to improve movement/mobility and focuses on optimum function to stop the problem coming back.

Deep tissue massage is a more generalised massage for the entire back. Deep pressure is applied to give the most effective relief but not targeted at any one specific area.

A sport massage incorporates a lot of what a remedial massage does and is based on a specific sports injury where the problem area is assessed and diagnosed. Treatment is then targeted to stop the pain, improve function and rehabilitate the area to stop the problem from coming back again.

Yes! All our remedial massage therapists are required to have the necessary qualifications to accept all private health insurances.

If you’re health insurance covers remedial massage we can swipe your card on the spot. This will cover a portion of the treatment and you just pay the remainder.

Yes, all our massage therapists are fully qualified. Our therapists at minimum have a diploma of remedial massage from an Australian registered training organisation as well as a minimum of 200 hours clinical training before they can graduate.

We treat all musculoskeletal and biomechanical conditions of the body. From neck, shoulder and lower back pain to hip, knee and ankle pain. We can help treat muscle cramps, sporting injuries, all muscular conditions as well as repetitive strain and muscular overuse injuries