Mid Back Pain Massage Sydney CBD

Stop Your Mid Back Pain Today


If you’re experiencing tension and pain around your mid back and shoulders, it can feel like no matter how you move or stretch it, the pain will never go away.

Whether you’re experiencing feeling:

Pain and tightness in the mid back after playing sport or exercising

Pain when you’re just doing basic movements

Tightness and soreness after sitting at work all day

Our effective mid back pain massage therapists can help.

Our fully qualified remedial, deep tissue and sports massage therapists can help find the underlying issue causing your mid pain so they can have you feeling your best as quickly as possible.

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If you’re struggling with muscle pain and tightness but you’re not sure who to see or what you can do our fully qualified remedial massage therapists can help.

Book in for a free 15 min phone consult where we can chat with you to fully understand your problem. If its something we can help with, we’ll let you know. If not we’ll try and point you in the right direction!

Sydney Massage Services that can help Your Mid Back Pain

How we stop the common symptoms of Mid Back Pain

If you’re feeling and of these common mid back pain symptoms, our specialised mid back pain massage treatment can help.

Our treatment focuses on understanding what’s causing your mid back pain so we can treat it using light/deep tissue massage utilising our hands and elbows, muscle releases to stop tightness and muscle/joint movements to increase mobility in your mid back to get rid of the pain quickly.

Mid back pain can also affect your shoulders, neck and even your lower back based on the underlying issue so we make sure to also target these areas during your massage, to address the whole problem rather than only a part of it.

Symptoms of mid back pain

Pain in between your shoulders
Pain when taking a deep breath
Pain running up or down the spine
Stiffness and tension across the shoulders
Reduced movement in your spine
Pain going around from your spine to the side/front of your ribs