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The sharp, burning or painful sensation of pain running down your leg can be enough to stop you in your tracks. Its no surprise that whenever you have sciatic pain, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re experiencing:

Pain or tingling in your leg when you’re sitting down

Difficulty sleeping because of lower back or leg pain

Difficulty to exercise because of numbness or tingling

Our effective sciatica pain massage therapists can help.

Our fully qualified remedial, deep tissue and sports massage therapists can find the issue causing your sciatica pain so they can give you effective relief and help you start feeling better.

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If you’re struggling with muscle pain and tightness but you’re not sure who to see or what you can do our fully qualified remedial massage therapists can help.

Book in for a free 15 min phone consult where we can chat with you to fully understand your problem. If its something we can help with, we’ll let you know. If not we’ll try and point you in the right direction!

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How we stop the common symptoms of Sciatica Pain

If you’re struggling with any of these common sciatica symptoms, our specialised sciatica massage treatment can help.

Our sciatica treatment focuses on finding the underlying cause of your sciatica pain by assessing and diagnosing the issue. Your sciatica pain can be treated by applying light and deep pressure on the muscles around the area, stretches of the muscles that are tight and gentle movement of the lower back joints to stop compression of the sciatic nerve.

Since sciatica is a symptom of an underlying condition, working out what the actual cause is will help give you long term relief. Some of the common conditions which cause sciatica are slipped/bulging disc, piriformis syndrome and lateral canal stenosis.

Symptoms of Sciatic pain

Pain in the lower back with pain in the glutes
Pain running down the back of your thigh into your calf
Pain in your foot on the side of your big toe
Numbness or burning sensation in the leg, calf and foot
Inability to stand on your toes (weakness)
Tightness or stiffness in your lower back and buttock